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CoinEx Review

Founded in 2017, CoinEx is a popular cryptocurrency exchange with a team of members from across the world, including some very early adopters of cryptocurrencies.

CoinEx includes a big ecosystem of tools and platforms, and they even have their own native token called CET.

So far, CoinEx has shown to be a stable, secure, and fast cryptocurrency exchange, it offers a significant number of assets for trading, and it is available for customers from around the world.

The interface is user-friendly, customer support is responsive, and transactions are very fast.

Trading fees are fairly low, and you can even get an additional 50% discount if you decide to use the CET token to pay for those fees.

The downsides of CoinEx are the fact that it doesn’t accept fiat currencies, withdrawal fees are a bit high, the mobile app isn’t great, and, there is a minimum deposit amount which is a let-down if you want to make minor deposits.

CoinEx Security

With the emergence of cryptocurrency investments, security is one of the factors that matter the most. Besides, the anonymity, privacy, and decentralization of cryptocurrency make it hard to trace back someone’s assets once they’ve been stolen. CoinEx provides various precautions to ensure the safety of users’ assets.

Unlike what has happened with other platforms, users’ digital assets on CoinEx will be 100% reserved, meaning they won’t be used anywhere else and withdrawals will be 100% processed in time.

The proprietary high-speed matching engine supports a processing capacity of up to 10,000 transactions per second. CoinEx guarantees stability under the concurrency of thousands of orders and properly handles each of its users’ orders.

Some of CoinEx’s security features include the adoption of HTTPS and 2-Factor authentication (Google Authenticator and SMS code) available for dual protection, cold wallet storage, and multi-signature strategy which guarantee asset safety and collaboration with a top-tier security team to provide full-dimension protection.

Automatic transaction acceleration for deposits and withdrawals is supported by the world’s top mining pool and small withdrawals are processed within a time frame of 5 minutes.

If a user’s IP addresses change frequently during a short period of time, the user will receive an alarm notification via SMS or Email informing them of a possible hack.

When the user logs in to their CoinEx account successfully, the CoinEx system will automatically send them a sign-in notification via an email or an SMS, including the IP address, time, and location connected with the sign-in activity, the user can also check the log-in history during the past 30 days. In case of an unknown login that is not operated by the user, they should change their login password in time or submit a support ticket to contact the CoinEx customer service.

As soon as a user’s deposit or withdrawal is on the blockchain, they will receive an email or SMS notification to their bound email and/or phone number so that they can track their account assets in real time.

After submitting a withdrawal request, CoinEx will request users to reconfirm their withdrawal via email before it can be executed systematically, which prevents the loss of assets due to incorrect input to a certain extent.

The CoinEx API separately sets read-only, tradable, and cash-out authorizations for the newly-added API key permissions, so that users can secure multiple sets of APIs and manage them more effectively.

CoinEx allows users to set API withdrawal whitelist on WEB and API separately to facilitate the expansion of the withdrawal experience in multiple application scenarios.

Holding an Estonia digital asset trading license, CoinEx assures that all users’ digital assets on CoinEx will be 100% reserved. Users’ coins won’t be used anywhere else and withdrawals will be 100% processed in time.

CoinEx offers a series of user-definable security practices. The team encourages users to enhance their account security level with featured settings so as to obtain a more secure and efficient trading experience.

The login password is a gateway to entering the CoinEx website. It performs as the first line of defense and plays an essential role in the security of a user’s assets. Users should make sure to keep their login password very safe, while also making sure to choose a unique, and complex password, for this, they can use a password manager such as 1Password.

CoinEx currently offers the following two factor authentication methods:

1. Google Authenticator (TOTP one-time password)
2. SMS code

As soon as a user activates two-factor authentication in their account, they can then log in, trade, change the password, add API keys, and withdraw via a 2FA code. For safety reasons, a security hold will be placed on a user’s account for 24 hours after modifying a security method.

An Extra security layer will be added after passing ID verification. With ID verification, users can also sign up for the ambassador program and enjoy more platform benefits like trade contests.

CoinEx Fees

CoinEx fee rates will vary depending on the different VIP Level and Market Making Level.

VIP Level will vary based on CET holdings while Market Making Level is based on trading volume.

The sub-account data will be calculated into the main accounts. The snapshots of CET holding are taken at 0:00 (UTC) on a daily basis.

The snapshots of the 30-day trading volume are taken at 0:00 (UTC) and calculated in accordance with the USD exchange rate at that time.

All VIP Level and Market Making Levels are updated at 1:00 (UTC) on a daily. Users’ actual fees are set by the lower number between VIP Discount and Market Maker Discount.

By holding CET and enabling “Use CET as Fees”, CET can be deducted as a transaction fee directly, which applies to all asset trading.

Maker: Market makers are those who buy or sell at a specified price. They provide fuel for the market.

Taker: Market takers are those who look for a suitable proposed buy/sell order actively and execute it once conditions are met. Their orders reduce the market depth.

CoinEx Referral Program

CoinEx has its own referral program! After you join CoinEx, you can start sharing your referral link and/or your invite code and you’ll earn commissions on users who join the platform through your link, or insert your invite code during the sign up process.

CoinEx Pros & Cons

CoinEx: Pros

Helpful customer support

Low trading fees

50% discount on fees when using CET

Fat withdrawals

CoinEx: Cons

Doesn’t accept fiat currencies

There’s a minimum amount for deposits

High fees on withdrawals

What is the CoinEx Referral Code?

The CoinEx Referral Code is ega2r

Is the CoinEx Invite Code the same as the Referral Code?

Yes, the CoinEx Invite Code is the same as the referral code: ega2r

Should I use a CoinEx Referral Code?

Absolutely, by using our referral code for CoinEx you will get a 20% discount on trading fees.

Where can I find a referral code for CoinEx that works?

If you need a referral code for CoinEx that works you can head on over to RushRadar.

Is CoinEx safe?

CoinEx has some strong safety and security measures in place, that being said, some users have encountered issues when using the service, nonetheless, if you aren’t doing anything wrong, and you follow all the required steps, you shouldn’t face any issues.

As with any service that deals with crypto, there is always some amount of risk, so, an important rule to keep in mind is to never risk more than what you are willing to lose, and to never keep any crypto in a centralized exchange, instead, you should always keep your crypto in a hardware wallet.

Also, keep in mind that you should always follow common sense security measures, such as having a strong and unique password, activating all available 2FA, and never sharing information about your account with anyone.

Where is CoinEx located?

CoinEx was founded in December 2017 by Haipo Yang with its headquarters in Hong Kong. CoinEx is a global cryptocurrency exchange, and its headquarters are still located in Hong Kong.

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